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Right to Buy

Most have the right to buy your council home if you rent your property from the local authority and want to buy it, a right to buy mortgage should be your first consideration.

If you’ve been renting your local authority property for five years or more, you may be able to buy it at a fair discount. The maximum discount across England is £77,000.00 or up to £102,700.00 in London. How much you will get depends on how long you’ve been a tenant and property type.

To be eligible you must have rented a council property for a minimum of five years. Social housing tenants, such as those who live in a housing association property, generally won’t be eligible for right to buy but, they do operate a shared ownership scheme to help you buy a different house. There is an exception to this circumstance if the housing association bought the house from the council while you were living there. This situation – preserved right to buy, is something you will need to look in to.

If you would like to exercise your right to buy, your landlord will hold details on how to apply for the scheme. You can make an application alone, a joint application with someone who shares the tenancy or with a family member who you have lived with for at least 12 months.