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Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection & Life Assurance, you choose the amount of cover you require and how long you want the policy for.

Blue-print Mortgages would recommend this policy is at least, started with the same amount of cover as the value of your mortgage loan, taken identically over the same term as your mortgage.

This is due to the amount of cover reducing each month during the policy term and is calculated to be enough to equal the capital outstanding under your repayment mortgage.

If death occurs (on the first death if in joint names) during the policy term, your insurer pays the calculated amount of cover at that time. The policy never has a cash in value and will only pay out on a death, and will end at the end of the policy term or once a claim has been made.

You can add critical illness cover so if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness during the policy term your insurer will pay the calculated amount of cover on diagnosis. The types of illness covered include heart attacks, strokes, cancer and multiple sclerosis. A full list of illness and definition are detailed by insurers in their key features which is available on request.