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Level Term Insurance

With level term assurance you can choose the amount of cover you require and how long you would like the policy to run for.

If death should occur during the term of the policy, your insurance company will pay the amount you are covered for which remains at the same level, hence the name. Should the plan be set up in joint names (one plan to cover two people) the cover is paid on the first death. The policy stops either at the end of the term or on the first death. The policy has no cash in value at any time unless death should occur.

You can add critical illness cover to level term assurance which will give you the above benefits as well as if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness during the policy term your insurer will pay the amount you are covered for.

The types of illness covered can be Heart Attacks, Strokes, Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis but a list of full illnesses and definitions will be available from each insurer on request.

Blue-print Mortgages will endeavour to guide you through the process from start to finish, insuring you and your family are suitably protected.