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Government’s stamp duty cut has failed to increase house sales

The Royal institute of chartered surveyors has said that the governments cut on stamp duty for first time buyers has failed to have an effect on the number of house sales.

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Stamp duty tax debate ‘welcome’

The abolition of stamp duty for many first-time buyers should spark a wider debate over the taxation of property, surveyors say.

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House Prices: Have they actually gone up in your neighbourhood?

House prices in more than half of neighbourhoods in England and Wales are still lower in real terms than a decade ago, BBC analysis has revealed.

In 58% of wards, residential properties are selling for less now, after accounting for inflation, than they were in 2007.

The findings, drawn from official data, expose a stark regional divide in price movement since the financial crisis.

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Tenants ‘unfairly miss out on credit’

Tenants’ regular rent payments should be recorded on their credit score and used as proof to lenders that mortgage demands can be met, MPs are to be told.

At present, mortgage applicants are unable to rely on rent payment history as proof that they would be safe to lend to when buying a home.

A debate is being held in Parliament on Monday following a petition which aimed to raise awareness of the issue.

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Pay is Outpacing House Prices

More than half of Britain has seen wages rise faster than house prices in the last 10 years, research by a mortgage lender has suggested. (Read more…)

Welcome to the villages with the most £1m-plus home sales

East Horsley in Surrey has been crowned the most exclusive village in Britain. In the past two years, 42 homes were sold for more than £1m – the highest number in the country, according to new data from the property group Savills.


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Whose house is it anyway? The equity release empire strikes back

Leading economist Ros Altmann argued in this space yesterday that equity release providers charge too much to unlock wealth in bricks and mortar for older homeowners who are short of cash – but lenders claim her analysis is unfair.

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